Matt Christie has been a performer for the past 15 years. Before living in Japan, Matt has performed with various music acts in Australia and his home country of Canada. Matt’s gravitation to the bouzouki came natural. He has a solid foundation of the jazz language and that translated to the bouzouki just fine. He has been a member of many well-respected Canadian based projects such as Shurelock Groove and the Tokyo-based electro-pop group Ice Skating performing alongside such artists as The Budos Band (Staten Island, NY, USA) Burnt Sugar Orchestra (Brooklyn, NY, USA) SoulJazz Orchestra (Ottawa, ON, CA) as well as many jazz festivals in Canada. Matt is always excited to talk music and live events so don’t be shy and say hello at the next show!​​
Christie was educated at Mohawk College in Hamilton, ON where he studied with jazz guitarist, Bob Shields and graduated on the Dean's Honour List. The faculty also included some of the most influential and respected jazz musicians in Canada, Mike Malone, Darcy Hepner, Dave McMurdo and Pat Collins. Matt Christie continued his studies at McMaster University receiving an honours degree and music as well as a Bachelor of Music Education from Canada.